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PSYCHOTHERAPY – is a general term for the process of treating mental illness by talking about your condition and related issues with a mental health provider. During psychotherapy, you learn about your condition and your moods, feelings, thoughts and behavior. Psychotherapy is sometimes referred to as “talk therapy,” given the assumption is that the cure for a person’s illness lies within that person and that this cure can be facilitated through a trusting, supportive relationship with a psychotherapist. By creating an empathetic and accepting atmosphere, the therapist often is able to help the person identify the source of the problems and consider alternatives. The insights and knowledge that the person gains through psychotherapy often results in a change in attitude and behavior that allows the person to live a fuller and more satisfying life. Psychotherapy often can be successfully completed in a few months, but in some cases, long-term treatment may be helpful. Psychotherapy can take place one on one, in a group or along with family members. There are many specific types of psychotherapy, each with its own approach to improving your mental well-being. The type of psychotherapy that’s right for you depends on your individual situation. Psychotherapy is appropriate in a wide range of conditions. Even people who do not have a mental health disorder may find psychotherapy helpful in coping with such problems as employment difficulties, bereavement, or illness.